How to Measure the Right Hat Size for Your Children

Headgear such as hats are just like any other clothing item - between different manufacturers, and you can expect to sift through varying styles and variances. With that in mind, getting the right fit for you or your children should start with getting the right fit. To that end, here are what you should know about determining your child’s hat size to ensure they are snug and safe from the sun.


Measuring your Child’s Head

You can determine you or your child’s hat size by measuring the circumference of the head. With the use of a tape measure, get an estimation of the size of the head about one-half inch above the eyebrows where the hat typically rests.

Keep the tape measure as straight as possible, as twisting the tape will lead to inaccurate numbers. However, the way you need to measure the head largely depends on how you or your child will wear the hat. To that end, here are the different styles of sporting a hat:


Method #1: The Traditional Style

Arguably the most common way of wearing a hat, this traditional-style focuses on users who let the front tip of the hat sit low on the forehead. The lining falls just above the eyebrows, causing the hat to sit nearly level with the ground. 

For measuring heads that use the traditional style, you can calculate the distance around your head from the center of the back to the forehead. Here are the simple steps you need to follow:


Step #1: Use a Textile Measuring Tape or String

Using a textile measuring tape, or string if you don’t have one, you can calculate the distance around your head by crossing the material through the center part of the back of your head. It should fall on your forehead and just above the eyebrow, while the tape or string should be relatively level. 


Step #2: Write Down the Measurements

Jot down the measurement of the tape in cm. If you discover your little critter’s head fall in-between sizes, it’s better to size it up and adjust the hat accordingly. 


Method #2: The Halo Style

The halo style involves wearing the hat raised at the front, while the back of the hat sits low at the back of your head. 


Step #1: Use a Textile Measuring Tape or String

Similar to the traditional style, you will need a textile measuring tape or string. Wrap it around the head and measure the distance by going through the back, just above the neck, and to the front of your head. It should fall high above the eyebrows as the tape should look higher in front than in the back. 


Step #2: Write Down the Measurements

Pen down the measurements accordingly. Keep in mind that wearing a hat using the halo style falls under the smaller hat size, though it’s better to choose the larger of the two hat sizes. 


Hat Measurements According to Age

Age               CM       Inches

0–6 months   43cm       16.50"

6–12 months     45cm       17.50"

12–18 months   48cm       18.50"

18–36 months   50cm       19.50"

3–5 years   53cm       20.50"

6–8 years   55cm       21.50"

8–10 years   57cm       22.50"


Fit is a crucial element when it comes to picking a hat, as all heads are different. Be sure to get the right size so you can make the most of your hat!


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