Bump Cap

This Industrial used Head Protection Bump Cap is combined with functional fabric and ABS/HDPE shell inside. It is designed with flexible out shell which is removable for clean. The out-shell structure of the bump cap is made with different fabric which have feature in water-proof, quick-dry wicking and mesh airflow etc. to comfort the workers’ head during working. We also add reflective accessories for safety warning on the bump cap in dark night and we set up different distances on the bump cap bills according to different working requirements. The back closure of the bump cap is adjustable which is suitable for most of different head sizes. With Hi-density Foam-lined shell inside in ABS or HDPE, the bump cap is impact-resistant and designed with good airflow structure. Compare to the hard-shell helmet, it is more fashionable and attracting for workers, but the most important is it wears lighter, more ventilated, wicking and comfortable on working. In minor injuries working environment, the bump cap is an ideal head protector. Workers like to wear it and the injury rate will potentially be reduced.

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