Winter Hat

The winter hat includes beanie hat and bomber/trapper hat. To keep warm and protect head from cold winter. The materials of the winter hat could be fleece, knitted cotton, knitted acrylic, wool, leather, and fur etc. Normally the winter hat cover ears with ear flaps on bomber hat/trapper hat, and the beanie hat is long enough to cover the ears. Customer logo could be printed, embroidered or knitted onto the winter hat. Sizes of the winter hat is spandex fit to different head on the beanie. The bomber/trapper hat is quite favored in the snow weather, which keeps really warm against the wind and snow. We can also make scarves and gloves which made of same materials with the winter hats, together to be one set. With professional experience from long history of production, we can design many different styles of the winter hats in proper materials according to your requirements on logo and target market.

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